Lindsey’s Süthe Story

Thank you, Lindsey Cates, for sharing your experience with Süthe CBD!

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When did you start taking Süthe?

“I started taking Süthe January 1st.”

How long have you been taking Süthe?

“I’ve been taking Süthe for a little over 4 months consistently! Never miss a day!”

When did you start seeing results?

“I started noticing results about 3-4 weeks in.” 

Have you tried any other CBD products in the past?

“I have not tried any other CBD products! So glad this was my first experience with CBD!”

What is your Süthe Story?

“When CBD fluid came into the picture, I honestly didn’t think it would help me. I thought my body was too damaged and complex to benefit, but I jumped in anyway.

Why not, right?! Let’s just see what happens!

I was cautiously optimistic. And let me just say…the things I’ve seen happening in my body have blown my mind.”

Shout it from the rooftops

“Y’all. It’s only been 4 months. And I only take two drops a day with an extra drop here and there when I need it.

This is the real deal.

To not shout it from the rooftops would be flat out selfish and just wrong. I believe this can help SO many people. 

“Having a better quality of life is an epic answered prayer for SO many…myself included. What if I had never tried this?

“Don’t give up, my friends. There is HOPE for so many!!!” 

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